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Healthcare, IoT Solutions


Both Carelife services and the healthcare sector are becoming more and more relevant in our society and in the implementation of new technology to enhance the independence and privacy of patients at clinical centers. This is why these sectors have been forced to prioritize investment in new solutions to improve patients’ care, making it possible for some tasks to be automated.


Data Network, Optical Transport

Televes’ Optical Transport Solutions: their great advantages

Optical transport networks provide communication, signal multiplexing, service routing, advanced monitoring systems, etc. through fiber. This type of solutions are key in the new era of connectivity and data transport in a fast, safe and reliable way. We are referring to a new generation of fiber optics networks that stand out for their high capacity and low latency.


Hospitality, Professional LED Lighting, Innovation, TV Network, Data Network, Optical Networks

Hotels of the future: IoT, customization and efficiency

Both the hospitality industry and hospitality management have gone through considerable changes deriving from new consumer behaviors and socioeconomic scenarios.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, TV Network, Broadcast

TV Antenna Interference Filter: Ellipse by Televes

Televes, committed to innovation and enhancement of services and experiences where technology is vital, presents their new intelligent TV antenna that is able to remove any interference.


Professional LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting: Why Retrofit is the best option

Sustainable consumption and energy efficiency have become two of the main factors when it comes to lighting renovation and to finding solutions that may meet these objectives while offering suitable performances.


Professional LED Lighting, TV Network, Data Network, Optical Networks, IoT Solutions

Optical transport networks skyrocket demand

A clear sign of digitalization in a number of activities is the fast expansion of fiber optics, as well as the need for this type of networks to enhance connectivity and data-transmission speeds for both professional and residential environments. The rapid pace of the digital transformation has prompted the growing need for broadband services through high-capacity and low-latency networks. In order to meet those needs, telecommunication infrastructures based on optical transport networks and wavelength division technology are being developed. We can compare optical frequencies to radio frequency spectrum: in both cases, a series of bands with a specific number of frequencies to transport signals have been normalized; the only differences are the physical means and the bandwidth provided for every signal.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, Signal Measurement

High-performance meter for installers: MOSAIQ6

Thanks to its broad experience and international expansion, Televes has been able to position the company as a leader in product design and development, and also in telecommunication solutions to be implemented in several sectors and social fields.


Professional LED Lighting

Luminaire for outdoor sports facilities: Things you should know

Many factors should be considered when choosing the go-to luminaire for sports facilities. Not only should the light meet the requirements of the area, but also comply with the corresponding regulations, keeping in mind the specific features that the luminaires need to include in order to hold a sports event.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, Optical Networks


Fiber optics is one of the most efficient connectivity solution. It is also one of the most widely used ways of accessing the Internet by both telephone operators and telecommunication companies because of their multiple benefits.