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Discover Welding Flux used for MMIC technologies

Do you need electronic components that must meet low-power capability, custom operation, and specific weight/size requirements? When looking for the most advanced designs of integrated circuits, the answer is in Maxwell’s Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technologies. 


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How Does Power Quality Management Work in an Electric Ship?

One may wonder: Why is power quality management in electric ship so important? The simple answer is that an electric ship, like many modern electrical equipment, is complex. Therefore, power quality in an electric ship is also intricate.

Electric power quality relates to how the power supply complies with frequency, voltage and the popular sinusoidal waveform standards. There must be a way of having a firm grip on the power quality in the vessel.

So, in case you are worried about what power quality is, we will review this term and explain how power quality management works in an electric ship.   


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Printed Circuit Boards: How do they work?

The way an electronic device works is defined by the complexity of their built-in circuits, which are as important as the printed circuit boards (PCBs) where they are installed. They both are the pillars of today’s electronics, as just about every electronic device needs a PCB to be fully integrated.


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The optimum usage of energy sources is essential to minimize carbon footprint as we aim for sustainable marine vessels and systems. 


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10 tips to enhance cybersecurity in your company

Regardless of their niche market, companies are now present in the digital world, hence the increase in cybersecurity threats over the last few years. Among the most common threats, you will find data or customer-identity theft, malware, ransomware attacks or the spread of all kinds of virus. In this framework, following cybersecurity advice for companies can keep you from compromising your business continuity.


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Lighting for sports facilities: all you need to know

Lighting is one of the most important elements that need consideration in places where sports events are held. Lighting for sports facilities will play, thus, a double role: first, providing optimal visibility to sportspeople and referees, and then, making sure that the audience can watch the event as well as possible.


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CATV networks: how have cable networks for TV and Internet evolved over the years?

Beginning in the mid-20th century in the US, the development of cable CATV networks (Community Access TV) was intended to address TV distribution challenges that could take place in multiple scenarios owing to reception conditions.


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Types of Internet Cables: How to Choose the Best One for Your Installation

Xerox PARC, now called Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), invented the Ethernet computer networking system in 1973 and paved the way for computers and related devices to share files and internet access. Today, Ethernet cables connect hundreds of millions of devices in businesses and homes globally.
Still, it might be confusing when looking for the best internet cable to use for an installation, so we present this guide. It is a brief coverage of the types of Ethernet cables and tips for choosing the best cable to use in your Ethernet networking project.


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Remote-management system for public lighting: what it is and what your municipality can expect

One of the key aspects for the proper operation of a typical city – and one of the essential services offered to a municipality’s residents – lies in its lighting system. Specific research has revealed that 60% of the total energy consumption is intended for lighting up facilities – public lighting would account for 50% of the total consumption – and has an economic and environmental impact on the community.

With this in mind, a system achieving more efficient consumption may be beneficial for many areas. In this respect, one of today’s most efficient systems is the remote-management system for public lighting.

We, at Televes Corporation, would like to give you every key about this system and show you all the advantages that may bring to municipalities keen on implanting and using it.