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Cat-6A cables for DataCom: augmented quality in cabling infrastructures

Access to the Internet is essential for every company, regardless of their niche market. Actually, according to the prospects for the companies of the future, business development will be strongly related to digital transformation.

In this context, having good bandwidth and infrastructure able to support it will be key for efficiency processes and competitiveness. Cable standard 10 Gigabit Ethernet was designed for the industry long ago. Despite the many advances made in this field over the past few years, this standard remains in place today. Just to show you what innovation in cabling can do for infrastructures, at Televes Corporation we would like to present our new CAT6A cables.


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Four Important Business Opportunities Offered By the Internet of Things

It’s a global village. The world is also progressively competitive as reiterated by this study


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The Built Environment Sector and Its Smart Transformation

Amid climate change and resource scarcity, a fast-growing global population poses a serious challenge that requires an immediate response. The role of the built environment in promoting sustainable lifestyles is among the areas getting attention.


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How to Check the Antenna Cable Connection in 3 Steps

When the TV signal is excellent, it’s heavenly, offering nice pictures and flawless live content. The experience is the complete opposite if the antenna cable has an issue that is degrading or weakening the signal. You can’t rest until you find the exact source of this problem. Every part of the antenna now looks like a possible cause of the failure.

Many times we must look beyond the antenna itself and check the condition of the cable. If you are trying to figure out how to check the antenna cable connection, rest easy. There are simple steps to check and diagnose the issue. Indeed, you can sort out the problem in three easy steps, which we discuss here.


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Five Advantages of LED Street Lights

Municipalities are increasingly strained on time and budget. Literature also shows that the second most expensive item on a typical municipality’s budget is street lighting. After analysis, many cities across the world have resorted to incorporating light-emitting diode (LED) street lighting technology for its benefits.


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What are data networks and why your organization needs one?

Many businesses believe that assigning resources for the creation of a computer network is only applicable to big organizations. The best-case scenario is that they know what a data network is, although they are not aware of the potential for their business model. However, even small companies can take considerable advantages from this infrastructure to simplify processes. In this sense, having a data network will not only allow them to store information in a different device, but also to share software and apps.

At Televes Corporation, we would like to give you some insights about this system and explain why you should consider its implementation at your company.


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How to Transform Your Hotel with Business Intelligence Solutions

The hospitality industry is a darling to many people because not a lot of numbers are involved. Being excellent with people is still central to success in this industry, but data analytics is slowly creeping in. Indeed, today’s managers and directors have data and analytics at their disposal like never before. The question is, how are they using this to improve performance in their organizations?


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Outsourcing your IT services: factors to be considered

Companies’ IT needs are increasing by the day and require a series of specialized tools. For this reason, outsourcing IT services is quite often the best option to maintain them in good shape.

In 2021 alone, the biggest Spanish companies allocated 18 billion euros to outsource their technological services, accounting for 49% of their total investment in technology. However, making this decision without considering all the available alternatives may have a negative impact: failure to meet the targets set for outsourcing IT services, which would eventually lead to a disappointing quality of services.


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LED Lights for Home Outdoor: Everything You Need To Keep In Mind

In recent times, LED lights for home outdoor have grown in popularity globally, mostly for their superior energy savings and other qualities. In the 1960s, LED lighting technology was still in its infancy and therefore not as attractive as it is today. Numerous improvements over the decades have made the technology the go-to choice for home lighting.