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Telecommunications and TV infrastructure

Global telecommunications: the Iberian Peninsula in the spotlight

Telecom infrastructures is a field that has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Such advance has been mostly prompted by the users’ requests to have faster and more interconnected systems able to face the increase in data consumption. This has led to the creation of a higher number of data centers to store, manage and transfer these data. The advances achieved at the social scale are undeniable, but it is worth wondering how the Iberian Peninsula is accepting these changes, and at Televes we would like to give you some perspective on this technology.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, TV Network, Data Network, DataCom

Fiber optics and coaxial cable: differences and similarities

Technology allowing for internet connection is experiencing an ongoing evolution. If we look back on how we used to connect to the net, we will realize that analog modems were able to reach a speed of just a few Mbps. For this reason, the roll-out of networks in fiber optics and coaxial cable is truly relevant and has brought about remarkable advances in terms of speed. In fact, this is an ever-expanding field in which more investment is being made.


Healthcare, IoT Solutions


Coronavirus has provoked a crisis disrupting every aspect of our society. Some people have been particularly affected, which is the case of the elderly and dependent people. Today, assistance services such as telecare during COVID have become essential. At Televes, we would like to offer high-quality solutions by means of our Carelife devices so the needs of vulnerable groups can be met in the best possible way.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, Data Network

Load balancing between lines

Speed reduction experienced by an Internet server due to information congestion can be normally fixed by updating the processor or by expanding either the hard disk or the memory. An alternative would be hiring additional lines to enhance the access to the network. However, this is usually a temporary solution because of the gradual and constant growth of traffic and its higher concentration in specific areas. In this context, load balancing between lines emerges as an attempt to tackle this issue, and this is why at Televes we would like to give you some keys.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, TV Network

Celebrating World Television Day

November 21st was the World Television Day, and at Televes Corporation we wanted to celebrate it with you. We have been part of the telecommunications sector for years, as our antennas have brought to many families all the stories that made them feel delighted, laugh and cry. It is a very special day for us and we are well aware that it would not have been possible without your trust. Today, we will go through the story of this day and our company.


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Datacom network cabling systems

Market demands have changed and evolved over the past few years. Bandwidth access services exponentially being more  required, that is why companies, buildings and even the Hospitality industry need adaptation in order to cope with a higher data consumption. Cabling and networking are excellent solutions to face these new challenges, so having the support and experience of companies like Televes is key to create environments such as corporate structures designed to offer efficient data networks.


Telecommunications and TV infrastructure, TV Network

Replacing TV antennas: a step-by-step guide for professionals

When replacing TV antennas, a series of factors must be taken into account, as they will ensure good signalreception and the best possible quality of signal. For this reason and to solve any doubts you may have, at Televes we bring you some tips to ensure that the installation is performed smoothly.


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Intelligent and connected hotels: IoT node for Hospitality

Intelligent hotels are not utopias inspired by futuristic technologies, but hospitality projects aspiring to adopt digital tools and automation designed to create cutting-edge hotels that make technology available to their guests, while adapting to their connectivity needs for a more satisfactory experience. 


Professional LED Lighting

LED sports lighting: our professional solutions for indoor

Professional LED lighting for sports facilities is a relevant aspect when designing or upgrading a space devoted to sports, especially if high-level competitions are held in interior areas – as they have to comply with the current regulations.