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The 5G Infrastructure and its impact on our daily lives

The fifth generation of wireless networks, widely termed 5G, is set to revolutionize how we utilize the internet by lowering latency, enhancing speeds, and increasing the number of devices capable of connecting within a specific  area.


TV Network

Repack Ready: The Answer to NextGen TV Challenges

Just when it seemed like over-the-air (OTA) TV had reached a dead end, Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 (ATSC 3.0) or Next Generation TV (NextGen TV), has begun emerging in markets across the United States. This TV technology comes with numerous features designed to transform your viewing experience. 


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EMI Simulation for Electronic Applications

We are increasingly unable to operate without communication equipment, sensors in vehicles, antennas in our facilities, and other electronic equipment.  A challenge that is associated with this dependence is a phenomenon called electromagnetic interference (EMI). 


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Our eHealth Services and the Advantages of Technology for the Healthcare Industry

The proliferation of urgent care clinics and house calls is proof that on-demand healthcare is growing in popularity. This concept has a long history. Indeed, telemedicine was around in the 1960s, notably at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine.  The rural areas were the initial adopters of telehealth to counter the challenge of limited healthcare, communicating with a health specialist remotely. 


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Customization of student-dorm services at their fullest

Dorms are spaces gaining in importance, as illustrated by the figures showing that investment is on the rise by 137%, compared with previous years. Despite the recent health crisis, the number of students occupying these facilities keeps growing. If a specific dorm intends to set itself apart from other options, it should definitely become more customizable and offer the best possible services. At Televes Corporation, we would like to give you some tips so your dorm can be the first choice for any student.


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Key elements of “last-mile” fiber-optic networks

Fiber-optic networks are coming to replace traditional coaxial and copper networks. Spain is, in fact, the leading country within the European Union in the deployment of this kind of fiber-optic networks and intends to expand to rural areas. Considering how it is moving forward and their advantages over other models – such as high-speed connection – at Televes Corporation we would like to describe the key components of last-mile fiber networks – commonly known as GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network).


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Benefits of water and power-supply pedestals for leisure ports

Water and power-supply pedestals for leisure ports have become essential for any vessel to benefit from such services. Given the investment and the growth of the demand experienced by this sector, improving the management processes of these devices seems to be a key factor to be tackled. By picking the best system and pedestals, customer experience can be enhanced and will bring about a number of advantages such as cost reduction for the port. At Televes Corporation, we would like to show you the main advantages of modernizing your water and power-supply pedestals.


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AI hotels for a more sustainable, digital and inclusive sector

Artificial-Intelligence hotels have taken the step from being prospective projects to becoming a reality that is now receiving increasing attention. Guests and hotels themselves can benefit from a number of their advantages. In fact, these users can now get more out of this system, thanks to the various new solutions that had to be implemented during the recent health crisis. At Televes, we would like to show you some keys about having an infrastructure allowing for this type of services.


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Challenges and keys to the growth of the telecommunications sector in 2022

The telecommunications sector is experiencing an ongoing expansion and progress, which has become quite evident especially in the entrepreneurial framework. Innovations such as those in the automation field have led to more agile and efficient processes. The year 2022 will not be an exception, and it seems that it will bring along some features that will help many companies grow even more. For this reason, at Televes Corporation we would like to present to you the key innovations that will be introduced this year.