Televes Corporation and Adecco Foundation devoted to professional growth of young people

22 Nov 2023

If a company intends to keep the highest competitiveness, it should invest on the professional growth of both its staff and future professionals.

Televes Corporation sometimes follows this strategy in-house, and, every once in a while, turns to external companies that stand out in the employment and human-resources sector.

One of the main assets of the corporation is precisely the group’s Human Resources Department. Always bearing in mind its professionals, it maintains ongoing dynamics in terms of training, updating and internal promotion.

Televes Corporation and Adecco Foundation committed to future professionals

The partnership established between Televes Corporation and Adecco Foundation intends to boost personal and professional growth among young people joining the world of work soon.

With that in mind, a campaign has been organized to encourage these young promises to better understand the work environment at Televes Corporation and its production processes. 

Televes Corporation takes part in the campaign “Working on you” by Adecco Foundation

“Working on you” is a project developed by Adecco Foundation. It is based on a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting professional growth and the development of young talent with the objective that they have much easier access to the job market.

Televes Corporation has chosen to participate in this campaign as a partner company by opening the doors of its facilities in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) to all those young people who were interested in visiting them.

In this location, the company designs and produces most of the telecommunication equipment it supplies nowadays, which allows to provide thousands of buildings and dwellings across the globe with TV, data and Internet services.

This is a unique and very rewarding experience for these future professionals, since they get to see with their own eyes how the activities are performed, from the design of the product or service to the moment it is produced and launched. We, at Televes Corporation, hope the participants could get an overall vision of our company and industry that they may find useful in their current and future professional development.

Paloma Bescansa

Recruitment Manager, Televes Corporation