10 tips to enhance cybersecurity in your company

5 Jan 2023

Regardless of their niche market, companies are now present in the digital world, hence the increase in cybersecurity threats over the last few years. Among the most common threats, you will find data or customer-identity theft, malware, ransomware attacks or the spread of all kinds of virus. In this framework, following cybersecurity advice for companies can keep you from compromising your business continuity.

1. Cybersecurity tips for companies: one of the greatest vulnerabilities comes from human errors.

One major cybersecurity point: companies should provide their whole staff with training on cybersecurity basics. Even if this might appear utterly irrelevant for specific positions, a simple action such as plugging a flash drive into a company’s computer may involve serious problems, as this can eventually infect all the system – not just the computer itself.

2. Password manager: your cybersecurity partner.

Some companies fall into the bad habit of using simple passwords that are easy to remember. This might seem a fast and safe way of working, but it’s not. Yet still, a very simple tool to be implemented in a business that can help avoid a number of problems are password generators. These programs allow to create and store complex passwords for every employee, adding an extra layer to the digital security of a company.

3. Cybersecurity advice for companies: make a copy of your data.

Some attacks can have very serious outcomes, as your data might be lost or kidnapped. In this sense, companies are strongly encouraged to make security copies of all their information every day. Information should be, ideally, stored in a safe backup, installed in a different location.

4. Your firewall is your first line of defense.

A firewall is touted as the first line of defense because this kind of software deals with unauthorized accesses to your network: they only allow authorized communications. It is also in charge of analyzing incoming messages and blocking them if they fail to meet the company’s security requirements.

5. Protect your payment platforms.

Most stores offer different options for online shopping. Here’s a very good cybersecurity tip that companies could use, not only to ensure their own company’s security, but also their customers’: use safe payment channels and keep software of their different platforms up to date. When possible, use just one computer for online payments to improve safety.

6. Cybersecurity 101 for companies: use an antivirus.

Much as they are active on the Internet, many businesses understand this presence as a complement to their physical establishment, and they tend to focus on its security. But still, most of them have data that require protection, apart from the company’s computer. That’s why using an antivirus should be imperative in any case. If, apart from that, the business owns several computers, you can use programs to analyze not only specific equipment, but also the whole company’s network.

7. Encrypt important information.

If your company handles sensitive information, you can encrypt your network and your data with the aim of storing them or sending them to third parties. This system basically consists on rendering your data unfathomable to anyone outside the operation, so you can reduce the risk of theft or manipulation.

8. Monitor the use of the company’s equipment.

To make sure that your employees are using the company’s equipment appropriately and are not jeopardizing its safety, you should keep track of the use of your business’ equipment and software. By doing so, you can easily figure out which user has accessed a given information and from which equipment.

9. Avoid installing unknown programs.

One of the most common mistakes infecting companies’ equipment is made when downloading programs that had not been authorized by the company or from an unknown origin. It is vital to encourage your teams to download and access known programs featuring an official license.

10. Keep all your software up to date.

Lastly, another basic cybersecurity tip for companies is keeping your software up to date. Not only will this improve its functionalities, but businesses will also get security errors patched, allowing to reduce their digital risks dramatically.

Maintaining the digital security of a business is key for the appropriate performance of its activity and to keep it from experiencing any kind of interruption. We, at Televes Corporation, have wanted to offer you some basic cybersecurity advice for companies that can help keep their digital environment protected.

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