23 Jan 2023

The optimum usage of energy sources is essential to minimize carbon footprint as we aim for sustainable marine vessels and systems. 

Gsertel ensures that harbors and porting docks are equipped with efficient water and electrical supply management systems, which effectively pursue resource optimization of usage through the use of technology. In this article Gsertel provides you with a series of tips and ideas to optimize your marine energy beyond the docking point and to introduce you to an universal control module - the TRITON BRAIN

The Relevance of Marine Energy Optimization 

Energy optimization allows the most benefits for people and the environment. Unlike wind and solar energy, marine energy is not fully optimized or developed so the technology is still immature. At the same time, there is the obvious urge to develop ocean energy for obtaining the maximum output for commercialization.

Marine energy offers a minimal carbon footprint, but its development, such as turbines, may produce noise pollution beneath and above the water line. Also, vessels and equipment used to repair and maintain marine energy systems may pollute the water and the atmosphere. 

For those reasons, it is a must to continue optimizing marine energy. 

Taking Care of the Marine Energy System by assessing the vessels

Probably the most effective optimization strategy starts with taking proper care of the vessels. Despite being designed for harsh environments, they require regular maintenance to ensure all systems are running effectively. An annual check is highly recommended. 

Every five years, the vessel and related vessels must be assessed. The check-up is usually short, yet it can help unearth serious issues in the system. 

It is vital to know which signs to look for. Some are common and do not translate into major issues, but others require immediate solutions. Gsertel advises you to call for professional technical assistance if this is your case:

  • Malfunctioning devices - navigation, radios, etc-. 
  • Ineffective power outlets.
  • Failure of the engineering starting.
  • Uncontrolled tripping of the circuit breaker(s).

Steps for Choosing an Effective Management System for harbors and marinas

Various optimization methods have been fronted and developed in recent times. These techniques can be either traditional or modern, and as you can imagine, the results have a wide range within themselves. 

A management system for supplies is excellent for harbors and marinas. You can get a competitive advantage with superior energy optimization when you choose the best system in the market. 

To bolster marine energy optimization, here are some of our suggested steps:


Consider the Type of Marine Vessel   

Whether you use your marine vessel seasonally or not, you want to be aware of the available marine energy supplies in your area. Some devices are only applicable to particular vessels. Do you sail a cruising boat or a fishing boat? Once you have answered this question, you can consciously choose the best type of equipment and brand. 

A good match between a marine vessel and a supply management system will optimize your marine energy. Gsertel regularly brings modern solutions, like the TRITON BRAIN universal control module, to support marine energy needs.  

Are you looking to upgrade?  

The next step for optimizing your marine energy using a management system is whether you want to go in tandem with the fast-changing marine electronics. Older or mixed-up electronics are not advisable because they can be a recipe for problems when the system fails. 

Unlike some providers that still rely on old-school devices, Gsertel propulse the latest innovative solutions that match user demands, like the leading brand that it is, Gsertel builds marine solutions and devices in accordance with industry regulations. The TRITON BRAIN is built in the standard 6DIN format, so it can match any supply pedestals.


Interfacing the system 

For a smart choice between a keypad and a touchscreen, the conventional keypad design has its advantages, especially when it is freezing and you want to wear gloves. However, touch screens are the best in ideal weather because they sense even the tiniest of touches. You will find the user interface for the TRITON BRAIN matchless for the following features:

  • High contrast 4x20 character OLED display
  • Highly effective touch sensor
  • RFID reader for user identification

Optimizing your marine energy requires the synergy of different strategies, starting with proper handling of the system and the application of the right management system of supplies. 

With the TRITON App, the users can manage with secure communications harbor and marina supplies management in real time and from anywhere, keeping track of their consumption through reports. 


Gsertel, Always Leading in Marine Energy Optimization

Optimization opportunities for marine energies are available with the implementation of the latest technologies at Gsertel. 

Gsertel’s IoT solutions and supply management solutions contribute to marine energy optimization. Our supply management is focused on smart management system for remote management of electricity consumption in harbors and ports. Similarly, our IoT solutions support energy efficiency strategies in marine energy applications.

We offer products and support for the marine energy sector, contact us and we will give you concrete answers depending on your case