Repack Ready: The Answer to NextGen TV Challenges

2 May 2022

Just when it seemed like over-the-air (OTA) TV had reached a dead end, Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 (ATSC 3.0) or Next Generation TV (NextGen TV), has begun emerging in markets across the United States. This TV technology comes with numerous features designed to transform your viewing experience. 

The possible negative effect of mobile phone signal interference could degrade your viewing experience. That is why you need some special devices alongside your NextGen TV. 

The spectrum repack solutions from Televes should give you the confidence of a flawless TV experience. 


What is NextGen TV? 

NextGen TV refers to the new generation of digital television technology that is under a set of standards called ATSC 3.0. The technology blends broadcast and broadband resulting in superior cord-free TV. 

It is being touted as not only offering much-improved pictures and sound but also being more convenient. One difference between OTA and NextGen TV is a special inbuilt tuner in the latter. New TVs only started coming with the tuner in 2020, although the pace of tuner adoption by manufacturers is gathering speed now. 

But there are more changes to the digital terrestrial television landscape in the US on top of the introduction of this technology. In recent years the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has auctioned UHF spectrum to mobile data carriers and had to re-allocate traditional OTA TV frequencies and relocate or “Repack” them in the reduced bandwidth now available to traditional television broadcasters to make room for Mobile 5G enhanced services. This is likely to cause interference or even blockage of the TV signal, overload of preamplifiers and distribution networks, etc. 


Benefits of Repack Ready

If UHF, VHF, and all the other jargon confuse you, don’t worry. You only need to note that Televes has done the homework for you. We are set for the spectrum changes. 

We have developed a complete range of antennas and mast amplifiers with all these upgrades in mind. From our extensive and continual research, we can give the best TV across the US. You can rest assured that our line of powerful antennas and mast amplifiers will provide the best quality reception of these upgraded TV signals. Use the Repack Ready products outdoors and indoors – the results are optimal under any conditions. 

Here’s an overview of what you get from NextgenTV:

  • Targeted content and advertising
  • 4k UHD Tv
  • Immersive Audio
  • Advanced Emergency Information
  • Robust Untethered Reception
  • Multiple Content Streams


Televes Components for NextGen TV

As you switch to this newest TV technology, you may be well served investing in the latest technology in reception system by upgrading your antenna and mast amplifier, optimized for the new frequencies in use and challenges in reception. 

We have developed the best family of products.

  1. Ellipse Mix Antenna

The Ellipse Mix antenna is built to optimize the television signal reception with its automatic adaption of gain in real-time. We have completely redesigned this version of the repack-ready for the current US market. It offers independent and automatic gain control amplification for the VHF and UHF bands and blocks any 5G interference above 608MH. 

  1. DAT BOSS MIX LR Antenna

You need this repack-ready version for your television set to receive very weak distant signals and avoid overload caused from powerful local stations. The antenna is designed for very high gain so that it delivers quality and stable reception of signals (UHF and high VHF) in a wide variety of fringe scenarios. 

Considering that this antenna comes with a state of the art low-noise and automatically gain controlled TForce preamplifier, and highly optimized FM and cellphone signal filtering capability, you don’t need to invest in an additional preamplifier or filter. You will also be excited about the low power consumption and high manufacturing quality of this Televes product. 

  1. Mast Amplifiers

Televes has also released repack-ready version of its extremely popular TForce one and two input mast preamplifiers. 

With Televes’ market-leading BOSS technology, these amplifiers provide band-independent automatic gain regulation to provide optimum output levels. Our mast amplifiers are the only products in the market providing independent regulation of UHF and VHF signals for unparalleled signal balance. 


Ready for the Repack?

If you are looking for NextGenTV broadcast in the United States, you can find it in at least 43 cities. A third of the households in the country have access to channels on this TV technology. To confirm the availability of this TV in your area, go to this website today. 

In line with our objective to deliver optimum telecommunication infrastructures for homes, buildings, and cities, we are launching the Repack Ready family of products. 

Choose products with the distinctive “Repack Ready” logo and enjoy your favorite programs! If you have any questions about this item, you can reach us here.


Javier Ruano

Televes USA General Manager