Outsourcing your IT services: factors to be considered

4 Aug 2022

Companies’ IT needs are increasing by the day and require a series of specialized tools. For this reason, outsourcing IT services is quite often the best option to maintain them in good shape.

In 2021 alone, the biggest Spanish companies allocated 18 billion euros to outsource their technological services, accounting for 49% of their total investment in technology. However, making this decision without considering all the available alternatives may have a negative impact: failure to meet the targets set for outsourcing IT services, which would eventually lead to a disappointing quality of services.

Advantages of outsourcing IT services

Outsourcing IT services brings in a number of benefits that many companies may find interesting. Whatever the market is, IT services are increasingly central when developing any kind of project. These services involve, though, money and time investment.

In this sense, one of the major advantages of outsourcing IT services is that companies are able to save internal resources, as staff will be no longer be required to perform one-time tasks in most cases.

Likewise, by not hiring permanent staff to be in charge of these services, the company would be able to save money. Companies normally turn to IT services when specific problems arise, so having a worker or a whole department focused on this area full time might be a huge waste of resources.

The quality of the IT services will be greater if performed by a specialized external company – as opposed to those a new department could provide. In this case, the expertise and the resources of an external company specially focused on this kind of services will make a difference when any problem may come up.

Aspects to be considered when outsourcing services

The best way to delegate functions and tasks for outsourcing is to outline a structured process including a plan that is based on the specific IT needs required by the company. Such plan should be reported before hiring the outsourcing services and should clearly define the tasks to be performed by the external company in order to avoid misunderstandings or errors when the partnership starts.

This plan should also include the essential expertise required to the outsourcing company, how the outsourcing services will be carried out and how the company will make sure that the set goals are achieved.

The company will need to oversee its outsourcing partner by measuring and analyzing its work, and also make sure that it sticks to the expectations through key performance indicators (KPIs). When measuring effectiveness, a scale should be included showing costs and benefits of outsourcing IT services.

Apart from that, coordination is key for outsourcing. It is vital to be clear about the regular work schedule of the outsourcing company or the language they use, as they will need to adapt to your company’s.

Choosing a good outsourcing partner will be key. When considering different alternatives, a good reference to trust a company might be feedback left by former customers about their services.

Gainsa, synonynous with trust in IT outsourcing

Gainsa is a great example of a company offering comprehensive outsourcing of IT services for any organization. More than 35 years working on IT systems and providing its services in 8 countries endorse their expertise. The proof of this is that Gainsa has provided comprehensive services to Televes Corporation ever since it was founded.

The team is made up of multidisciplinary technical profiles. Their aim is not only to help companies update, but also increase their competitiveness with tools specially designed for them. That is why Gainsa’s services and IT solutions for companies have become a model in the technological sector.

Manuel Orois

Director Gerente, GAINSA