LED Lights for Home Outdoor: Everything You Need To Keep In Mind

25 Jul 2022

In recent times, LED lights for home outdoor have grown in popularity globally, mostly for their superior energy savings and other qualities. In the 1960s, LED lighting technology was still in its infancy and therefore not as attractive as it is today. Numerous improvements over the decades have made the technology the go-to choice for home lighting.

If you wish to take advantage of this technology and illuminate your home outdoor, a well-planned and implemented process is crucial in many aspects. A wide range of LED lights for outdoor use exists in the market, and no size fits all. The performance, outlook, and other elements of these lights can differ.

Consider the following must-know things before picking and installing LED in your home outdoor lights to get optimum results.

Why outdoor LED lights are Special

Aside from being more energy-efficient than CFL and incandescent alternatives, LED lights are safer (no mercury), more long-lasting, and offer more options for light appearance and brightness.

Moreover, these lights come in more than the conventional shape of the light bulb. You can find the bulbs in different sizes, forms, and shapes. Homeowners now have a wide range of light options to illuminate the home outdoor with LED lights.

An advantage that should also be noted of outdoor LED lights concerns insects. Insects are generally attracted to infrared and ultraviolet light, a range of the light spectrum imperceptible to the human eye, but if they are emitted, for example by incandescent lights that also radiate more heat, something that also attracts insects. insects.

The light emitted by LED diodes does not emit infrared or ultraviolet light, and both white and warm ones (especially the latter) that emit light above 550 nanometers, would be outside the attractive range of insects.

Various Powering Options for LED Lights for Home Outdoor

From solar energy to batteries, LED lights can draw power from different sources, making them perfect for placing outside your home.

Power from the mains tends to produce the brightest and most powerful lights. Whether it is the floodlights or wall lights, the mains supply does support the optimum performance.

You could opt to tap solar energy and not only enjoy the ease of installation and maintenance but also minimize the carbon footprint. The versatility of this technology makes it easy to blend this power source with a wide range of lighting types. However, you need to be keen on the lamp specifications, knowing that quality can vary widely.

If you are looking at a middle ground between this and the mains supply, then you have battery technology. Batteries offer brighter lighting and are easy to install. The biggest challenge with batteries is the inconvenience of having to climb up and swap them when they get depleted.

Product Characteristics to Remember


First, let’s remove one misconception about LED lights: that brightness equals wattage. This correlation may apply to incandescent lights, but not to LEDs. The only consideration here is another parameter called Lumen.

Lumens rating will help you determine if the brightness is enough for your application. Brighter lights have a higher l rating and vice versa. Most solar lights have around 10lm, but there are more powerful with up to 25lm rating.


Every homeowner wants lights that will serve for many years. LED lights are renowned for their longevity. An LED light may last 10 times in comparison to a halogen light. If you are looking for LED lights for your home outdoor to last you for a decade or even more, the LED technology fits the bill.

Installation Ease

LED lights for home outdoor may be low-voltage, but you don’t need to rewire your property to accommodate them – most have inbuilt transformers. Still, some lights may require the expertise of an electrician to install.

Note that it is advisable to get a professional installer where mains power is involved unless you are completely confident in your knowledge of this installation. Solar-powered LED lights are the easiest to install – sometimes you can complete the process within seconds.

Color temperature

The feel and appearance of your outdoor space matter, the reason you need to choose the best color temperature for your LED lights. Unlike color lighting, color temperature relates to white light only. It determines whether the white is ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ the light is, and is given in Kelvins (K).

For sufficient safety in the compound, choose neutral light of around 4,000 Kelvin. The 3,000-4,000K temperature range gives a nice warm white light that eliminates shadows and offers a clear view of the outdoor. If the exterior LED lights are for the garden or patio, 3,300K is ideal for its cozy feeling.

Quality of Material

The quality of the LED lights also depends on the quality of construction. Durability is an important element of any outdoor fixture because of the weather elements. Popular fixture materials for home outdoor applications include aluminum, brass, composite, and copper. Brass, an alloy, has proven to be one of the best materials for outdoor lights.

The material for home outdoor LED light fixtures matters because corrosion can be a nightmare. High-quality options like brass and copper are durable and can withstand corrosion. Eventually, LED lights for home outdoor that are still working years later will make more sense than ones that need replacement regularly.

With this overview about LED lights for home outdoor, you can now confidently pick the best lighting solutions.

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Raúl Díaz Santos

Prescriber, Professional LED lighting