This is how Televes Leads the Evolution of Communication Infrastructures in Buildings

1 Jun 2022

Location! Location! Location! That has been the mainstay of commercial buildings since the beginning of time. While this aspect is still important, new requirements are emerging for buildings, especially in the commercial segment.

Developing a building and incorporating the latest IoT solutions is now the standard globally. The need for a hyper-connected society is laying relevance to buildings with high-performing networks backed by superior communication infrastructures.

At Televes, we are proud to provide the best and most relevant communication and TV infrastructure in the world. Ever since we started our operations in 1958, we have been the leader in the evolution of communication infrastructures in buildings. And now, we lead several niche markets in the communication infrastructures industry to provide advanced services to users in buildings and homes.

The factors behind our success are technological development, cutting-edge manufacturing, and a passion for quality.

Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Buildings

Our passion for quality and the technology development needs of modern buildings are pushing us as we strive to equip modern buildings with optimum communication infrastructures.

The number of buildings being transformed into “smart buildings” is increasing by the day. Cloud technology and the internet of things are leading technologies in these transformations that bring enhanced safety, higher energy efficiency, and better control in building systems.

Drivers for this type of building are changing user requirements, the emergence of technologies such as IoT, and the increasing need for sustainability.

According to this report, this growth trajectory will continue leading to a market worth of US$111.5 Billion by 2026.

A smart building starts with a quality IoT network coupled with endpoints and components that collect instantaneous data and enhance the range of devices. The IoT is the interconnection of devices that have software, electronics, connectivity, and sensors in such a way that they can collect and exchange data. Emerging IoT solutions for buildings have given rise to a wide range of features including wireless communications, effortless user interfaces, and valuable data analytics.

The transformative effect of IoT in buildings is now visible. Buildings can leverage the power of IoT to become smart and achieve many things:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Optimize resources
  • Broaden automation
  • Engage in predictive maintenance
  • Get real-time insights
  • Generate new opportunities
  • Reduce operational costs

Evolution of Communication Infrastructures in Buildings over the Last Decades

When you travel from one region to the other, you need good roads to facilitate your movement across different places. The need for good communication infrastructure in buildings is the same. You need a provider like Televes to get guaranteed results for your installations.

Infrastructure is the channel through which data or information flows. Included in this are wireless (5G and other mobile technologies, wifi,…) and wired (coaxial cable, fiber optics,…) solutions.

How has the infrastructure evolved over the decades?

Until about two or three decades ago, the communications infrastructure was just a small segment of communications. Thanks to disruptive technologies such as fiber and broadband, the landscape is different now, forming a highly competitive space.

As of 2010, the exponential growth of bandwidth infrastructure was already evident. The evolution progressed and with this came investors from all corners. Before the evolution, investors had mostly focused their efforts on other capital-intensive infrastructural investments such as toll roads.

How Televes has always been leading the change

Communication infrastructures in buildings are growing fast, and Televes has always been at the center of adopting emerging solutions in this area.

In the past, the only communication solutions for buildings were fixed telephone lines and TV antenna systems. A lot has changed with the introduction of a wide range of solutions including communication systems, building management systems, and advanced computer networks.

During the design of a building, it is essential to keep in mind that rapid development in communication is bound to occur. It should be easy to assimilate these changes in the buildings.

At Televes, we are aware of the present and future dynamics and offer relevant building infrastructure solutions. This is evidenced in one of our numerous projects – the case of the A Estrada nursing home.

Our technology is going to bring several impacts on the users. We are introducing digital data collection for temperature, door movement, saturation, and pulses. This is based on a system called Carelife®, which has unique elements that enable comprehensive data collection of the user and the environment in order to provide personalized care. The sensors analyze user routine, security, health, and comfort. For instance, for enhanced security, this system allows the user to ask for emergency help through flood detection, emergency button, and smoke detector etc.

Deploying modern communication infrastructures in a buildings and homes is a major component for transformation. The benefits accrued from the added functionality, flexibility, and scalability can take the building and its related activities to higher levels of performance.

Choose the best solution provider for your communication infrastructures in buildings and homes to ensure such performance. The success stories under Televes’ belt are proof that the firm has what it takes to adopt the latest innovations in the industry.