Televes, Tredess and Gsertel: the strong alliance to improve corporate manufacturing process with Corp4Future project

14 Sep 2023

The aim of digital transformation is to adjust to the opportunities brought by today’s 4.0 industry. A demanding investment and a bold challenge with great potential that Televes Corporation has successfully taken on through the Corp4Future project.


This project has been jointly approached by Televes, TRedess and Gsertel – which all make up the corporate group – because this investment was, in fact, intended to enhance the manufacturing process of the corporation as a whole.


Corp4Future was successfully implemented and presented to the public half-way through 2021. Today, it has proven to be beneficial to all the companies that shape Televes Corporation, and also to be the right investment, innovation and growth path to maintain the challenging competitiveness in an industry that is progressing at a growing pace.


Corp4Future: a success of the whole corporation


The companies belonging to Televes Corporation that have been more relevant during this project are Televes, TRedess and Gsertel, although Maxwell, ISF, Gainsa and GCE have also actively contributed to this milestone.


They all have managed to enhance competitiveness of the manufacturing processes and logistical efficiency through new technologies and manufacturing methods. The optimization of methods such as processing raw materials, collaborative robotics or IIoT (Industrial IoT) are some practical examples of this.


There has been an ambitious investment: 23 million euros for a project that has been implemented over the course of 4 years.


The paramount importance of this industrial challenge has even received the support of the Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia). The regional administration decided to include it in the incentive plan for investments for the intelligent industry – after the corresponding public tender.


Corp4Future therefore received 5.8 million euros from the Galician Government’s funds, which demonstrates their trust in the commitment of Televes Corporation to successfully embrace 4.0 Industry.


Goals of the ambitious joint project of Televes, TRedess and Gsertel


Generally speaking, the goal of the Corp4Future project is to strengthen Televes Corporation’s ability to maintain technological and industrial leadership in the markets where the group operates, at both national and international scale.


A better standing of the corporate companies in new prospective markets was also sought. An example of this: the development of microelectronics in radio-frequency; advanced telecare services; energy efficiency; smart cities; the aeronautic industry, among others.


For this reason, Corp4Future has been developed based on 5 main objectives:


  1. Improving every possible manufacturing process within the Corporation by using new technologies.
  2. Designing and developing new functionalities and technologies for greater technological excellence. This opens the door to new markets and reinforces the Galician industrial makeup by using ICT.
  3. Opening to new markets and consolidating the regular ones. The aim here is to improve productivity and to develop new business areas.
  4. Generally improving all the information systems and communication among all the companies that are part of the corporation, notably Televes, TRedess and Gsertel, as well as with their customers.
  5. Developing a global prototype within the corporation itself  allowing to show the newly-acquired abilities of the 4.0 Industry model, and the evaluation of the process improvement obtained.


Together with these objectives, it is also worth mentioning the professional growth experienced by the specialists belonging to every participating company thanks to the Corp4Future project.


This is a firm commitment to the staff that already works for each company, as keeping the current’s R&D structure has been a priority. Apart from that, recruiting new qualified staff has been encouraged for those areas where there are different professional profiles.


Only the development of the project brought about the creation of 25 new positions. However, the potential it has to progress and benefit from new technological opportunities transitioning into 4.0 Industry may require up to 120 new highly-qualified recruits in the medium/short term.


Not only is this an attractive factor for new providers and partners, but also an opportunity for our long-established ones that want to benefit from new technologies.


At a regional scale, all these objectives enhance a business, economic and technological impact on the Galician community, which is one of the reasons why the regional government included Corp4Future in the mentioned incentive plan.


Apart from all the opportunities that this project offers, CEO of Televes Corporation Santiago Rey put the stress on “the abilities and synergies of the different companies making up Televes Corporation” during the presentation of results and closing ceremony of Corp4Future. This is a practical example of team work at business and industrial levels that demonstrates the benefits of a competitive collaboration of Televes, TRedess and Gsertel.

José Manuel Álvarez

Responsable de proyectos tecnológicos, Televés Corporación.